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After an overwhelming response from our customers, we have set up a dedicated team for customisation of your product, using screen printing and embroidery.

We love providing competitive quotes so call us for a chat.

Call 1300 276 559 or email us for a quote!


We take your existing business logo and work with you to develop a design that will make you and your colleagues really stand out in the workplace.

  1. Have a look through our online store and choose your garment style.
  2. Give us a call on 1300 276 559 or email us so that we can work out the best approach for you.
  3. Send us a copy of your logo / artwork to be printed or embroidered.
  4. We supply a quote for your approval.
  5. We create a sample image for you to approve before work commences.
  6. Once artwork is approved, we supply you with a timeframe for the printing/embroidery.
  7. We send your order to you on agreed date with $15 SHIPPINGand handling.

Call 1300 276 559 or email us for a quote!

Here are a couple of stories from our customers:

Catuli Building and Carpentry:

Name: Nick
Position: Contract Administrator / Estimator
Company: Catuli Building and Carpentry
No. of employees 20+

CMS added image

How did you find out about Longhaul?

We went on to Google and selected a few places and decided to go with Longhaul. It was great because they sent us out some samples so we could
take a look at the product before placing our order.

Why did you choose to get screen printing on your workwear?

CMS added image We have a few utes with logos on them and we found that it was our most successful form of marketing. Most of the phone calls we get come because they saw our branded vehicles. We figured that the same would apply to our employees and we have 20 - 30 times more employees than utes so it was a no-brainer.

The other reason is that when you're on a work site full of people from different places, it can be really good to have a uniform look to your guys so everyone knows where you're from.

How was the Longhaul experience?

Longhaul has been great. We have already ordered a second time and we will do it again when we need more gear. It's really easy to place the order and Longhaul has the best price around and the quality is good so it's a great place to get workwear from.

Would you recommend the service?

We would gladly recommend the service to anyone looking for good quality low cost workwear, especially if you need some extra customisation.

​Call 1300 276 559 or ​email ​us for a quote!

Majestic Cleaning:

Name: Bob
Position: National Business Development Manager
Company: Majestic Cleaning
Number of employees: 70+

How did you find out about Longhaul?

We found Longhaul through the website. We were very keen to get our order sorted out as quickly as possible as we had just taken on a new national contract and our workforce was expanding very quickly. The online ordering system was perfect for our purposes.

What kind of embroidery did you get done?

We got embroidery of our logo on a number of Longhaul hi-vis shirts. The quality has been fantastic. Our cleaning business means that the shirts get a lot of water going through them and we have to wash them a lot. The embroidered logos have held up really well with all the wear and tear.

CMS added imageHow was the experience?

It was an easy process. We expected it to take a lot longer and involve more back and forthing but in the end it was actually pretty simple. Longhaul sent us a tear sheet with a sample of the logo, we okayed it and the order turned up right on time, no fuss. 9 times out of 10 this stuff can involve a lot of messing about but it was a great turn around and Longhaul was really great to deal with.

Were you happy with the results?

We were pleasantly surprised with how great everything turned out. From the start to the end of the process, it was all really straight forward. Longhaul understood what we needed and delivered a high quality product that turned up lickity split.

High visibility workwear calls for high visibility branding.

Once we have settled on a design approach, our team will use high quality, hard wearing technology to create a stunning design that showcases your company and services in the best possible light.

Give us a ring on 1300 276 559 or email us and we can talk through your design.

Longhaul Workwear - High quality doesn't have to mean high prices

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